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CAGE: 4BFS6 DUNS: 19-581-1190

         Oil 4 Less® LLC Codatron® shunt voltage regulator

  • Codatron®

    Our regulator is so quiet that the charge amplifiers used with the photomultipliers need no shielding during bench testing.

  • Made in USA
    and design

    The Codatron® high voltage regulator was created in Portland OR and is being manufactured in the Portland area.

  • RoHS
    Reduction of
    Hazardous Substances

    All of our high voltage regulators were designed RoHS compliant, before that legislation and the controversy.



The Codatron®HT shunt HV regulator is our most popular product, especially in downhole applications.

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Mosley (Titan's)

The Mosley patent is the basis of the high voltage regulator that had been made by Titan Industries.

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small Codatron™

Improved clones

This is formatted like a patent; placed online to give Titan Industries hints how to make a better product.

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A cost effective means of upgrading to SMT - without changing your PCB layout.

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Oil 4 Less® LLC

Oil 4 Less® LLC is the sole manufacturer of the Codatron® HT high voltage shunt regulator which is exclusively designed for low noise and superior regulation over rapid temperature changes, at a low temperature coefficient (TC), and is for use in high temperature environments. It also has an extended temperature capability.

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sample circuit

Measuring high voltages means that one must use a special high voltage resistor in series with either a DVM or a VOM.


Oil 4 Less® LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation formed on April 16, 2001 by Robert Baer. The original intent was to raise money to make and sell working models of an oil well lifter that could produce fluids at a cost near $2.50/BBL.

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